Small Groups

Connect with people through similar passions and interests. Calvary Tabernacle small groups exist to strengthen the community within our church and to be a connection point to the NWA community. There’s something for everyone!

Join a small group or start your own!

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Community Table
When: 3rd Saturday of each month
Where: Various locations in the city
Description: We believe it is our highest calling to serve the people in our community. We are actively involved in community clean-up and serve as volunteers at various community shelters. We host a food pantry called Community Table that gives a week of groceries to families on the. The groceries we provide serve a family of four.
Leader: Jim + Kristi Carpenter


Compassion Ministry

When: Varies

Where: Various places around the city

Description: We prepare and deliver meals to church and community members with special needs during crisis situations: temporarily disabled/hospitalized, unexpected expense, etc. 

Leader: April Thompson


Congregational Care

When: Varies

Where: Various places around the city

Description: A group of volunteers who visit those in our congregation that are unable to attend due to aging or health issues. We encourage and remind them that they are still a valued part of CT.

Leader: TBD


First Friday Crew

When: Once a month

Where: Downtown Bentonville First Friday event and other community events.

Description: This group facilitates the First Friday event that happens at Downtown Bentonville.

Leader: Dathan + Denae Wilson


Men’s Lunch: 1st Friday each month

When: 11 AM

Where: Whole Hog Café + other venues

Description: Meet up once a month for a delicious lunch and fellowship with CTMen.

Leader: Jason Jennings


Men’s Breakfast: Every Friday morning

When: 6:30 AM

Where: Cracker Barrell

Description: Good food and a few good men.

Leader: Robert Pedersen


Men’s Devotion: Your Most Masculine Self

When: Saturday 8 - 9 AM

Where: CalTab Bentonville campus

Description:  Identify what a genuine man does — the virtues, the habits, the disciplines, the duties, the actions of true manhood — and then call men to do it.

Leader: Jason Jennings


Adulting 101 (Single Men)

When: Monday 6-7 PM

Where: Cal Tab Bentonville campus

Description: Designed for single men ages 18-30. Adulting can be challenging. Create a community around you to do life together and watch yourself succeed in life while taking advantage of your single years.

Leader: Kevin Nembhard


Men’s Prayer: Tuesday Morning

When: Tuesday Morning 6:30 - 7:30 AM

Where: Cal Tab Bentonville campus

Description: Annex door will open at 6:30 AM for prayer. Come and go as you please for a time of morning prayer.

Leader: Fred Asarisi


Men’s Prayer: Thursday Lunch

When: Thursday 12:00 - 1:30 PM

Where: Cal Tab Bentonville campus

Description: Annex door will be open at 12:00 PM  for prayer. Come and go as you please for a time of prayer.

Leader: Alan Robertson


Men’s Basketball

When: Twice a month

Where: Local Gyms and ball court

Description: The Men's Basketball group exists to give men of CT and the surrounding community the opportunity to play basketball in a welcoming environment.

Leader: Josh Moudy + Jaden Dean



CTCycle - Greenway

When: Varies

Where: Various road bike trails around NWA. A text will be sent with meeting locations.

Description:  A group that shares a love to get outside and ride! There are so many beautiful trails in Northwest Arkansas, and our goal is the see them all. All skill levels welcome.

Leader: Jeremy Guzman



CTCycle - MTB

When: Varies

Where: Various mountain bike trails around NWA. A text will be sent with meeting locations.

Description:  A group that shares a love to get outside and ride! There are so many beautiful trails in Northwest Arkansas, and our goal is the see them all. All skill levels welcome.

Leader: Ryan Hodges




When: Twice a month (weather permitting)

Where: Various courses across NWA

Description: A group for those who enjoy chasing the little white ball. It doesn't matter if you are scratch or a high handicapper, come out and enjoy fellowship with others that like to tee it up!

Leader: Omar Stiefer


Holy Rollers

When: 2nd Thursday of every month. Announced via text

Where: Fast Lanes

Description: A family that bowls together stays together

Leader: Mike Wright


Hog Call

When: Every Saturday that is available to watch games together

Where: Aaron Peterson’s home

Description: For those who want to watch Razorback games together.

Leader: Aaron Peterson


Flying Solo

When: Varies

Where: Various Locations. TBA

Description: Come to hang out and connect with single adults, whether unmarried, divorced, or widowed. This group is for you to connect and be encouraged in fellowship with others. 

Leader: Tamara Muehlebach 


I’m Game

When: Twice a month. Announced via text

Where: various locations

Description: A fun and a competitive bunch that loves playing a variety of board games!

Leader: Amber Pedersen



When: Varies

Where: Homes, parks, coffee shops, anywhere.

Description: Moms helping and encouraging other moms. We get together weekly, one week is a play date for the kids, the next week is a Mom date, without kids.

Leader: Courtney Steifer


Taco Tuesday

When: Tuesdays. Announced via text

Where: Various Locations in Bentonville, Rogers and Centerton

Description: Gather with other lovers of tacos to try different taco trucks/restaurants on Taco Tuesday

Leaders: Crystal Davis


The Grind

When: 1-2 times per month

Where: Various coffee spots around the city. A text will be sent with locations.

Description: A group that shares an intense love for coffee.  We meet at homes and coffee shops around town to talk, learn, and share.

Leader: Daniel Castellano


KCFP: Knit, Crochet, Fellowship & Pray

When: Every Thursday 1:00-4:00 PM

Where: Rasanen's Home

Description: Knitters and those who like to Crochet join others each Thursday afternoon 1:00-4:00 PM in beautiful Bella Vista. Bring your projects to work on and share new ideas and patterns. Beginners Welcome.

Leader: Kathy Rasanen 


Outdoor Living

When: Various weekends

Where: Throughout NWA

Description:  Tenters, campers, and RV’rs of all ages are welcome to go on our overnight outings throughout the year!

Leader: Rick Peterson


Better Together

When: Varies monthly

Where: Varies

Description: We believe that God designed marriage as a lifelong commitment that offers one of life’s greatest opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Enter “Better Together”, a group for married couples 40 and under where we enjoy monthly activities from special getaways, to fun date nights

Leaders: Dathan + Denae Wilson


Fam Jam

When: Once a month

Where: Various locations throughout NWA

Description: Outings and activities for the entire family! Hiking, art classes, park adventures, downtown events and more!

Leader: Caleb + Amber Parmley


Upper Class

When: Once a month. More info via text

Where: Various Locations

Description: Upper Class, ages 55+, hosts many activities which are designed to create an atmosphere conducive to encouragement and socialization. Regular events, as well as special activities, are held throughout the year.

Leader: Gary + Pam Carter


CT Women: Book Study “The Best YES”

When: Thursday 6:00 - 7:00 PM, starting September 19th - October 24th

Where: varies

Description: A book study for women focused on “making wise decisions in the midst of endless demands. Purchasing the book is strongly recommended. Ages 16 and up welcome.

Leader: Heather Dean


Newlywed Devotion (0-3 years)

When: Sunday’s 5:30 - 6:30 PM, starting September 8th for 6-weeks.

Where: Jeter’s home

Description: This group is focused on couples married up to 3 years. Connect with your spouse and other young married couples as we discuss topics that will improve your relationship and give purpose to your marriage.

Leaders: Justin + Hillary Jeter


Parenting Young Kids (3-5 years of age)

When: Saturday 10:30-11:30 AM for 6-weeks.

Where: Robertson’s home

Description: This group is focused on practical parenting advice and discussion for those raising kids between the ages of 3-5 years of age.

Leaders: Alan + Heather Robertson


Young Leaders: Book Study “How To Lead When You’re Not in Charge”

When: Monday 6-7 PM. Starting Sept 23rd for 6-weeks

Where: Cal Tab Bentonville campus (enter through annex door)

Description: Designed for students (ages 14-17) with the desire to lead in life and ministry even when you are not in charge. It is strongly recommended to purchase the book “How To Lead When You Are Not In Charge” by Clay Scroggins.

Leader: Bryan Crabtree